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  1. Moritz Black Bioethanol Fireplace-Imaginfires
    Moritz Black Bioethanol Fireplace-Imaginfires

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    MoritzBioethanol Fireplace

    All the looks of a woodburner but without the hassle.

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Free standing bioethanol fireplaces add warmth and flair to any space in your home. No cables, no electricity, no gas, no fuss!

Free standing bioethanol fireplaces can add warmth and flair to any space in a home with a contemporary design and flexibility. Having a fireplace that uses bioethanol fuel means that you don’t need electricity, gas or a chimney. It can also be freely moved between inside and outside as you wish.

Add to the Atmosphere

The all-natural, clean burning flame of imaginfires’free standing fireplaces add a natural warmth to the space they occupy without the emissions that wood-burning or gas fireplaces create. The stylish, modern designs of our fireplaces mean that they make a great addition to any home and can be moved from room to room (and even outside) should your décor change. Other benefits include:

  • Non-permanent - don’t worry about finding a plug or installing a chimney as these fireplaces only require bioethanol fuel and a lighter to create a brilliant flame.
  • Eco-Friendly Fuel - bioethanol fuel is made from renewable resources and burns cleanly without emitting fumes or smoke. This means no ash or coals to clean too.
  • Easy to Use - pour bioethanol fuel into the burner and light. Extinguish by closing the silver slot on top of the fireplace (using the closing tool included) Simple and safe.

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