How Do Bioehtanol Fireplaces Work?

How do bio ethanol fires work?

They may sound complicated, but a bioethanol fireplace is really easy to use. Step 1: Just squeeze the bioethanol from our 'squeezy' bottles into the burner box supplied with your fireplace. Step 2: Clean up any spills and put the fuel bottle out of reach. Step 3: Using a gas lighter style tool or extended taper, light the bio ethanol fuel. Within just a few minutes a lovely natural and cosy flame will appear. Thats it! If you would like more information, please go to our FAQ page or why not watch this short animation about bioethanol fireplaces.

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Our bioethanol fireplaces have no cables, plugs, or complicated connections, so they really are very straightforward to use. Many of our models are also freestanding, so they can be moved to different rooms as needed. Even attaching one of our wall mounted biofires takes just 30 minutes or so.

6 advantages of bio ethanol fires:

bio ethanol fires dont need a chimney

1. bio ethanol fires dont need a chimney

An Imagin bioethanol fireplace does not need any flue or chimney becuase they dont give off any smok! So, because you dont need a chimney, there's no expensive building works or time consuming installation.  Also, they are cable and connection free, so there's no leads to hide!

clean burn, real flame...

2. clean burn, real flame...

Our bio ethanol fuel is essentially a clear liquid, which one lit very quickly grows to a beautiful real and natural flame. The flame looks and feels completely authentic, because it is!  Since its a clean burning fuel, there isnt any unpleasant residue or lingering aromas.

simple to install

3. simple to install

There is no installation required with our portable free-standing Imagin Bioethanol fires, and most come fully assembled, and for those that dont its usually as simple as attaching the safety glass supplied to the Biofire, (rawl plugs, screws and user manual are of course supplied with all our biofires.)  For our Bioethanol fires that are deigned to be wall mounted, then it will take around 30 or 40 minutes and again all fittings and instructions are included.  Of course, we're always here to help if you have any questions about fitting or assembly, and you can call us on 01242 694 806, email us at, or why not try our Livechat support facility.  

kinder to the environment

4. kinder to the environment

Bioethanol fuel is made from natural renewable resources, for example waste from wheat production. There are no fossil fuels added or used in the extraction process. When the bioethanol fuel is lit, it burns with a lovely natural flame and will not be emitting any harmful emissions to the damage the environment when compared to all fossil fuels.

no gas or electricity...

5. no gas or electricity...

All you need to enjoy a lovely environmentally friendly and warming flame is 2 items. One bioethanol fireplace, and some bioethanol fuel. Thats it! Nothing else. No gas or electric source. Nothing beats the atmosphere created by a real flame!


6. safe...

We take great care and pride in using high quality materials and workmanship in our bioethanol fires.  So, just treat the fireplace as you would any other source of fire, and you will be completely safe. If you would like more informatin on how to safely use a Bioethanol fireplace, there's lots more information here

for further information, please see faq section