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Perfect for use in the imagin bioethanol fireplaces. 1 litre bottles . Easy to use / squeezable bottle. 

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Weight (kgs) 1.0000

Are there any emissions from a bioethanol fire?

There is a very small amount of carbon dioxide emitted when burning any biofuel. However this is well within permitted limits and is as low as using a few household candles or tea lights. It is still always advisable to have some ventilation in the room that you are using the Bioethanol fire to ensure that there is sufficent oxygen in the room, particularly if you are planning to use the Biofire in a very small room. Ventilation could be a small window slightly open, or from time to time letting fresh air inside the room. 

Can a free standing bioethanol fireplace be placed flat against a wall?

For free standing bioethanol fires, we suggest when they are in use they are moved away from the wall before being lit, and then returned once cooled and you have finished using them. Most of our bioethanol fires can be moved this distance by just one person. Never move the fireplace when alight or when hot !

Can I add an accelerant to the bioethanol fire?

It is extremely dangerous to use any accelerants on your fire. You should only ever use bioethanol fuel inside the fireplace. NEVER add any accelerants.  

Can I adjust the flame size of my biofire?

To reduce the flame size on most bio ethanol fireplaces, you can just slide the cover of the stainless steel fuel box over the opening as much as you require.

Can I move my bioethanol fireplace?

Since many of our bioethanol fireplaces require absolutely no installation, these can easily move to different rooms or different locations. You can experiment as many times as you like. They are not fixed to one location!. Whichever room you decide to locate the bioethanol fire, please ensure that the room is well ventilated. This means not putting the biofire in an air sealed room, but in rooms that have some natural circulation. Never move the biofuel fireplace whilst lit or with any biofuel inside the burner box. Always ensure that the unit has cooled completely before moving it. Always ensure that any room you choose to use the bio fire in is well ventilated. Allow at least 30 minutes for the stainless steel fuel box to cool.

Can I pour bioethanol fuel on top of existing fuel?

This is extremely dangerous, so never pour any fuel on top of a flame/ existing fire. Always allow the existing flame to be extinguished fully and the burner box cooled before adding any more bio fuel.

Can I put my TV above a bioethanol fireplace?

As there is no smoke given off by our bioethanol fires, you dont need to worry about smoke damage to your TV. Neverthless, we recommend that you only place a TV above a bio ethanol fireplace that has a closed top, such as our extremely popular wall mounted MARLOW

Ideally you can leave 18 inches between the top of the fire and the bottom of the TV.

Can I use bioethanol gel with your fireplaces?

Our range of biofuel fires are suitable for using both gel and liquid bioethanol fuels.

Do you deliver to Northern Ireland?

Yes! Very often too. Over the last few years, Northern Ireland has become a very popular destination for our Bioethanol fireplaces.  So we're pleased to say that we frequently deliver direct. As the shipping charges vary somewhat, depending on which biofire you are interested in, we just ask you to email us at stating the model you are interested in, and if any accessories (fuel or pebbles) are required and we will get straight back to you with a quote for the delivery.   

Do you have showrooms?


“Where can I view products?”

We do not currently have a showroom for our products and this is one of the reasons we are able to keep our prices so competitive. However, you can be extremely confident in the quality of our products, since we supply to a number of the biggest retailers on the high street.  Indeed, we are so confident that you will love our range that we will happily take back and refund you for any imagin biofire that you are not entirely satisfied with, within 10 days of receipt.  We only take a small charge to cover the cost of returning the bioethanol fire to us. This varies from item to item, but is typically around £15. Note, that there is currently no delivery charge for most of our products (for weekday deliveries).

Now with free delivery. (excluding fuel and accessories).

Your order is usually dispatched within 2 days of receipt of order and shipping will take 2-3 days. We cannot deliver to you over weekends unless you have the Saturday delivery option at the checkout. Once the product has been dispatched, you will receive confirmation email which will include how to contact our courier.  The courier will anyway send you en email or text message to notify you of a one hour delivery slot.  

For full details of our terms and conditions about bioethanol fires that are damaged in transit, or you change your mind, please see our terms and conditions sections 12 and 13 on our terms and conditions page.

For Northern Ireland, Channel Isles, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly and Scottish Islands and highlands, please contact customer services:

Imaginfires bioethanol fireplace warranty: We want you to be delighted with your imaginfires bioethanol fireplace, so we offer a 12 months warranty on all our bioethanol fireplaces.

If your imagin bioethanol fireplace has any defects in performance or appearance due to a manufacturing fault, we will gladly offer you a refund or replacement for up to 12 months from date of delivery. Please just send us an email at detailing the fault.

It would greatly expedite a resolution if you could also attach a picture of the problem. We will then get back to you within 72 hours to request the return of the item. Once received back in our warehouse, and we have had a further 72 hours to examine the product, we will then contact you to arrange a refund or replacement item (as preferred by you, and assuming that the same product is available, or an alternative product at the current value).

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